International Shipping Tips

Reduce or Make full use of Dimensional Weight

    Most Carrier Companies charge the bigger one of dimensional weight and actual weight of your package.
  • Always check the size of your item and get the estimated dimensional weight, chargeable weight of your item.
  • Repackage your box to reduce the dimensional weight of those small items with big box.
  • Merge your packages to make full use of the dimensional weight of your items

Check prohibited items before you ship them

For international shipment, some items are restricted or prohibited. They can not be shipped internationally or will cause custom delays. Before you arrange a shipment, please:
  • Check General Restricted Item List in our website
  • Check with destination country's custom department and know if the item is in the restricted or prohibited list, or if special license is requested to import or export the item
  • Check DHL, FedEx or USPS website and find relevant instruction as well

Check potential tax/duty and correctly declare your item

Except document, all items of your international shipment will go to custom for clearance, and might be charged for tax and/or duty. Before you arrange a shipment, please:
  • Check with destination country's custom department and know the potential tax and duty of your item. Some items might be tax/duty free
  • Know destination country's tax/duty free amount. If total declared value of your shipment is less than that amount, duty/tax do not apply
  • Avoid Pre-Paying Duty. As not all shipments into a country are assessed, if you prepay duty, you will pay duty on 100% of your shipment

Track and correctly receive your package

All your shipments can be tracked in our system. Timely tracking and correctly accept you package can help find exception of the shipment:
  • Track your shipment in our website or relevant carrier site to get updated status of your shipment
  • Contact with us or relevant carrier local office for exception of your shipment
  • Always check the package and items first, then sign and accept the package. If package comes with damage, write "package damage" when you sign it. This will help for further claim