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Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd
Higlevel Shimanzi Area,
Chai Street Opposite KPA Main Gate,

Mobasa, Kenya

Partner: ufanlsl Freighters (K) Ltd
Tel: 254-41-2227916/2227988
Fax: 254-41-2228484
Email: enquiries@ufanisi.co.ke
website: www.ufanisi.co.ke
Kenya is famed as the gateway to East and Central Africa. Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd is a leading provider of integrated logistic solutions to the users of the port of Mombasa, ICD and the hinterland.

Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd offers a wide range of srvices, including import & Export services, Air Freight forwarding, Ocean Shipping, Warehouse & Consolidation etc.
nbd Logistics
Ismail Pasha Street No: 45
d: 3 Cardiovascular / Kadikoy
Istanbul, Turkey

Partner: nbd Logistics
Tel: 90 216 428 9631
Fax: 91 216 428 9632
Email: info@nbdorg.com
website: http://nbdorg.com
Turkey is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. As an integrated logistics provider, nbd logistics executes solutions that leverage the its transportation and information networks in commercial markets around the world.

nbd Logistics provides integrated servives including Inventory management, storage, import & export, vehicle transportation and international cargo services etc.
AIE express
1270 Broadway Suite #704
New York, NY 10001, USA

Partner: AIE express
Tel: 1-212 564 1528
Fax: 1-212 564 1207
Email: Sales@AIEexpress.com
website: www.AIEexpress.com
AIE Express is a leading integrated logistic services company, specializing in international import & export express shipping, custom clearance, and warehouses services.

AIE express worldwide delivery network offers door-to-door, realiable, and cost effective international express shipping servicecs to any of the 220 countries within 1 to 4 business days.
1270 Brodway Suite #704
New York, NY 10001, USA

Partner: AIEus
Tel: 1-212 564 1228
Fax: 1-212 564 1207
Email: Sales@AIEus.com
website: www.AIEus.com
Founded in 2004, AIEus.com is a leading e-commerce company specialized in help business and individuals benefit from establishing a U.S. address, in order to shop from the united states, and ship your purchase from the USA to any of the 22- countries around the world within 1 to 4 business days.

AIEus also help companies to set up an office in the United States, handling mails, financials books and taxes, warehouse and shipping, customer services and sales functions on behalf of the companies.