Restrict Commodity

The following list is a non-exclusive sampling of items that are either restricted, cannot be shipped or depending on your destination country , may either require an import license, additional documentation and or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment

Combustibles Items

Paints, oils, lighters, perfume, and nail polish

Pressurized can

Hair spray, shaving cream, sray cans of any type

Hazardous Materials

Matches, chemicals, explosives

Agricultural Products

Living plants, seeds, soil and other
agricultural products

Firearms, Weapons and their parts

Military, police and tactical equipment of any
kind, including guns, gun replicas, gun
accessories, gun components (magazines, clips
and rail systems), ammunition, knives, swords,
compound bows, crossbows, discharge weapons
such as shok batons or stun guns etc...


Prohibited in some countries and quantities
restricted in others

Perishable Foods

Prohibited in many countries

Animals and furs

Products made with animal skin (furs)


Prohibited in some countries and quantities
restricted in other


Cash, moneyorder, checks, bank drafts, bearer
bonds, collectible stamps, coins, Jewelry and
precious stone (a) restricted to some countries
and (b) can only be insured up to $500
maximum and any shipments of jewelry in
exceess of $500 carriage limit is uninsured

Lottery Ticket

gambling, lottery items including devices and


prescription & veterinary medications prohibited.
Non-prescription medicaations are restricted


prohibited in all Muslim countries and restricted
in most other countries

Lock Picking devices

Night-vision googles, lock-pickers, optical
scopes, laser sites and handcuffs