Professional and know your requirements

    Most Carrier Companies charge the bigger one of dimensional weight and actual weight of your package.
  • AIEexpress.com is an expert in international express shipping, import and export documentation
  • We are DHL and FedEx authorized shipping partner, our professional shipping network cover over 220 countries all over the world.
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  • We provide "U.S. Domestic Express Service" to facilitate commercial customers' development in USA

Value for Price

  • AIEexpres.com offers up to 60% discounts on International Express shipments and up to 50% discounts on U.S. Domestic Express shipments.
  • Our express service is time-definite and door to door.
  • We provide free customs documentation and whole process tracking to door
  • We provide free insurance up to $100 for each shipment

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  • With our friendly and secure system, you can arrange shipments anytime online
  • Our representatives, shipping staff take care of all customer and their shipping orders professionally and dedicatedly
  • AIE online chat system, in-site email system facilitate immediate communication and problem solving
  • We kept sharing international shipping tips , Packaging tips and Shipping Tools to make your international shipping experience more easy and cost effective